Production Data Analytics

What is PDA?

The system for collecting, tracking, and analyzing data from production with the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency.

Significant savings and productivity increases are hidden in information that is constantly present but has not been recorded or processed in an appropriate way until now. PDA creates an accurate picture of events in production flows and enables you to make the right decisions at the right time.



By collecting data on issues in the process, a foundation is quietly built throughout the process that presents factual information about the occurrences of downtime. Based on the accumulated data, analyses are conducted to assess the cost-effectiveness of solving problems, aiming to minimize interruptions and create a controlled process.



The production efficiency tracking program combines existing product data with entered information about interruptions in the process to yield the efficiency of the production process, i.e., the fulfillment of defined production standards.



GDA is a control center that integrates both modules, for downtime tracking (PFA) and productivity analysis (PEA). An additional capability is the integration with existing software solutions (e.g., ERP). This expands the scope of information processed and consolidated in various report formats.