KQ Adhesive tape applicators and plasma guns


Double-tape applicator

  • Touch screen control system easy to operate.
  • Automatic applieing machine, high speed, saves labour work, saves tape.

  • Also, the applicator can be a on added on machines are folder&gluer, window patching machine, envelope machine…

  • Can do more multistage, 1-8.

  • Have different machine size, and applicator size.

  • Customized for your products.

Application product e-commerce box; envelops, carton box, corrugated box, etc
Component paper delivery + aligment part + convey belt
+ manual paper delivery + controller + tape applicator
Channels 4
Max speed of convey belt 45 m/min
Product size Min: 120 x 100 mm
Max: 800 x 1500 mm / 1100 x 1500 mm
Voltage AC220V 50~60Hz
Power 1000 W
N. G. 1050 kg / 1250 w
Dimension 4.2 x 1.2 x 1.5 m / 4,2 x 1.5 x 1.5 m


High pressure plasma gun

  • Maximum switching frequency is 500 cycles/sec.

  • No-wear closed design allows the gun to cut the adhesive flow precisely.

  • Common types of nozzles make its application with ease from small cardboard boxes to large corrugated cartons.
  • Customized to 1\2\3\4 holes etc.

Application product corrugated boxes, folding, book etc.
Application Liner gluing
Shape of glue Dot/line
Maximum pressure 32 bar
Frequency 1s/500
N. W. 4.5 kg


Plasma treatment machine (one gun)

  • Improve surface tension, make stronger adhesive.
  • Working inline.

  • Improve adhesive bonding performance, increase surface energy.
  • Saves the cost of glue.
Application flat boxes, cables, silica gel products, etc…
Head 1
Input power AC220V
Air pressure 0.1-0.2 Mba
Power 800 W
Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 600Š x 400D x 1000V